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Memory Part One

It was one of those cold nights,
One's silence that is slowly eating my beaten heart.
I could barely hear the sound from the telly as it goes "goal" when dsuzdak scored his second goal against portugal.
I gave out a "wow" with my now so weak voice,
Pretending like i give  a damn when all that i was thinking about is Kari words, it kept repeating in my head like a damn old record.
With every time it passes through my mind it takes a piece of me with it.
Killing this already souless man slowly.
Those words that he uttered before, felt like my already aching heart been stabbed by a blunt knife. It makes you suffer slowly before you fuckin die.
Ive never felt so betrayed, but really thats just something to help me go through with the decision ive made a couple weeks ago. It helps me, at last i have the strength to say goodbye.
Thank You For Your Time

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