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Dont stray.
Dont go away.

Cause without this.
I am nobody but some stranger who stares at you from across the street.

I can't say it but i need you.
Even if it's only this.

Because for the first time i felt important.
To someone that is important.
To me.


Thank You For Your Time


what does it do.


it changes you.
it forces you.

just to get a job.
and get stressed up.

Thank You For Your Time


i want to be in a movie.
i want to live in a movie.
the ending is always happy.

you like her.
she likes you.
a simple equation.

i want to feel that.
why can't i.
why can't you.

so tell me life.
how does that simple equation.
 turns into a fucking algebra.

Thank You For Your Time


    i should be in trance right now.
i should be high.
i should be in estacy.

i should fly.
high above the mountain.
into the clouds.
where they softly graze my skin.

 chirping with the birds.
watching all the trouble head from above.
laughing cause i'm free.
free from all the bullshit.

but instead i'm stuck here with reality. 

Thank You For Your Time


more like amnesia pill to me.
it makes me forget.
it takes my trouble away.

as the smokes travel to my lungs.
like magic.
it absorbs all my.
all my troubles.

a huff and a puff.
there it goes.
all off it.
drifting away with the wind.
as the smokes carry.

maybe i'll die young.
but i'll die with an untroubled mind.

Thank You For Your Time


calming ain't it.
in a silent night.
your snore sounds like.

you are too damn tired.
it just echoed in the room.
keeping me awake.
but i don't mind.

cause i rather be awake with you next to me.
then asleep with your absentee.

Thank You For Your Time


you and me, we are astronauts.
wear your suit.
cause there ain't no air where we're going.

we will go.
not to the the moon.
nor the stars.
somewhere only we know.

just you and me.
far from the jealous eyes.
far from all the hatred.
far from all the troubles.

cause me and you are astronauts.
and we will forsaken this place in search of heaven.

Thank You For Your Time


its the friday.
happy i should be.
but i cant.

because life is bullshit.
it keeps knocking you down.
tearing you up.

too many problems.
running wont cut it.
maybe i should die.
maybe then it will go away.

Thank You For Your Time


into the shadow of a former me.
into memories of what i used to be.

i knew where to go.
and how not to be lost.
                       flew like the bird.                    
changes me completely.

have i changed.
or this is the real me.

am i fated with this.
or is it my own making.

i should wait.
for what to come next.
as time changes me again.

Thank You For Your Time


not a word whispered.
not a laugh heard.
not a tear cried.

all i need now is it.
time to be alone.
time to think.
time to reminiscence.

when to go.
when to stay.
where should i be.
what should i do.

should i be alone.
or stick with you.
i can't think.
cause it's tiring.

Thank You For Your Time


Feel like letting it all out. 
I don't care if anyone reads it or not just want to get it off my chest.

It all started 2 years where everything was fine and there's nothing between us.
then when i started hanging out with you, a feeling was developed.
it's something that makes me smile when i see you.
it makes me feels happy with you around.

but i made a mistake that i've regreted until now
i confessed way too fucking early.
and your decision was always known.
a simple NO.
i don't blame you, i understand.
friends was not suffice for a humiliated love sick puppy like me.
but i went with it and pretended i'm okay.  

as time pass so does my feeling for you.
and being friends started to make sense.
we became closer than ever.

then your feeling for me changed.
i asked you.
you answered.
really? it took you 2 fucking years?
while all that time i'd been trying to erase my feelings for you.

i was confused. 
but one thing is certain.
i treasure our friendship.
so i lied and said what you wanted to hear.

pretending and lies are part of it.
forcing myself to develop the same feeling again.
day by day.
all the lies and pretending started to take it toll on me.
i can't carry on like this.
i'd made up my mind.
i rather see you sad in reality
than happy in a world that doesn't even exist.

i leave you with the worst possible excuse.
knowing being nice not gonna help you.
i'd became somebody else.
i lied.
in hoping that you will forget me faster than me of you.

and that's the end of our story.
it ended like it begins, as strangers.
i had lost something that was a big part of my life.
just because of my inability to see the possible outcomes of my action.

i really want to apologize to you.
but i'm too emberassed with my actions.
believes me i really am sorry for everything.
i wish you all the best in life.
Goodbye :)

Thank You For Your Time


life is a  freakin roller coaster,
one day it gives you hope,
and break you down on the other.

first you thought everything is going to be fine,
everything is alright.
but in a blink of eye all the things that could go wrong,
everything that you thought couldn't happen,
become a reality.

that's when you slip into the darkness,
thrown into the open sea,
with nothing beside you,
hoping the current will carry you to shore.

when all is lost,
when there's no one you can call to,
look above,
there lies the truth,
there lies your saviour,
for only in him you should believe,
for only on him you should put your faith on,
because he is the only one that can pull you out of the darkness.


Thank You For Your Time

Copyright © ' Ummar Zaqwan Bin Salleh