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Seeing you hurt is killing me, Why am i doing this? I knew its gonna hurt you, But i thought you be stronger. You need to know, Im doing this for you. I wanna see you happy, Which isnt something that i can say when youre with me. I know youre suffering but i am too. Believe me if youre trying to fix this right now, I will take that chance in a heartbeat. But, but i need you to be strong for me, cause i cant. i need you to stay away from me. Cause im not gonna do you any good. We can bare this pain together. I know you can do it. Goodbye
Thank You For Your Time


keep my stuff, take good care of it, just something to remind you of me. i dont wanna be forgotten, not that i dont want you to move on, and be happy, i just hate being nothing to you, at least keep our memories. i know i may not have been the best, i didnt treat you right, but i really do love you, and i just want you to remember me. like i will never forget you, my first love.
Thank You For Your Time


No, its not goodbye,
But your hello will never feel the same.

Thank You For Your Time

Last Goodbye

Im back,
Writing my heart out,
So that no one will ever read.

Im dead inside,
Wasted on my bed,
Stuck in my head.

If only i dont love you,
Than this would be easier.

Letting go is always easier said than done.

Thank You For Your Time


The girl who steals my heart but never got her priority right.

Maybe its time to set you free.

I love you, my first love.
Thank You For Your Time

You were right

Im incapable of understanding,
Prone to frustration,
Breaks under pressure,
The first to give up,

Still im amazed by how long we last.

Although time is infinite,
The word long itself has an end to it.
Maybe now, tomorow, maybe next year.
But never forever.

I've fail.

You were right.
You were,


Thank You For Your Time


its sad when she prioritize her or she before you.
its sad but you cant do anything.

they been there before you,
they look after her when you dont even exist,
if i say anything, it will be like mindless jealousy.

so there i sit quietly on my bed.
cause i dont know her like she does.

Thank You For Your Time

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