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'stop telling me what to do'
it's not that i hate you,
nor i don't want you to.

it's just that when you're saying that,
you give me the illusion like you care,
when we both know that i was nothing to you.

Thank You For Your Time


for the first time in my life,
i know what i feel,
i know what i want,

those bullshit that you'd told me,
it doesn't make sense.
for fuck sake, tell me the truth.
tell me you've never love me.
tell me i'm not good enough.
tell me that i was just another guy.

i miss you,
so fuck you.

Thank You For Your Time


a place to rest.
i gave you everything,
tho they weren't much,
it was all i could afford.

hoping day by day,
that this one would stay,
hoping that this one,
would call it home.

but i was wrong,
you're just another wanderer,
and i was just another stop,
to latter be forgotten.

Thank You For Your Time

Copyright © ' Ummar Zaqwan Bin Salleh