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Seeing you hurt is killing me, Why am i doing this? I knew its gonna hurt you, But i thought you be stronger. You need to know, Im doing this for you. I wanna see you happy, Which isnt something that i can say when youre with me. I know youre suffering but i am too. Believe me if youre trying to fix this right now, I will take that chance in a heartbeat. But, but i need you to be strong for me, cause i cant. i need you to stay away from me. Cause im not gonna do you any good. We can bare this pain together. I know you can do it. Goodbye
Thank You For Your Time


keep my stuff, take good care of it, just something to remind you of me. i dont wanna be forgotten, not that i dont want you to move on, and be happy, i just hate being nothing to you, at least keep our memories. i know i may not have been the best, i didnt treat you right, but i really do love you, and i just want you to remember me. like i will never forget you, my first love.
Thank You For Your Time


No, its not goodbye,
But your hello will never feel the same.

Thank You For Your Time

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