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A different perspective.

I had learnt from the past to never ever publish your dissastification online. So here i am trying to be a better me all thanks to you, you know who you are. So whenever im feeling upset because of you my love im just gonna write happy thing. So here i go.

Have you ever noticed how i stared at you whenever we're out on a date.
Well its not something i take out of a romance movie, it does have it purposes. I somehow think that by staring at your face i could capture every pixel , every inch of it and store it my mind. Every crees, every dimple, every pimple, every mole, every one of it. Once your face is embedded into my mind it will serves as my personal you. You know what it means? It means that whenever youre busy, or youre away i could just replay that moment when you smile, repeatedly inside my head like a youtube video. So there you go. And im really really upset with you.
Thank You For Your Time

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