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The unfortunate truth of today society

Living in the 20th century is easy, where everything is digitalised. but being in love in this decade is really isn't easy at all. where love letters are replaced by text, in 2 second you can tell someone you love, youre missing her. where is the value in that. there is no pain in missing, there is no love in loving. where everything is on display, where everyone knows everything. cheating gets easier, and the scope of cheating getting smaller. what that could be define as cheating 10 years ago, could just be another act of making friends in this decade. not saying its a bad thing. but really there should be boundaries. people need to set boundaries and say "this is it". coming to the realization how the internet and the social media platform, fuck up like my life. Its safe to say that this writing is biased towards my feeling. but believe me sometimes more isn't enough and i wish i could live in a simpler time.
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Anonymous said...

but back then, your act's opposite than what you've wrote. in the end, people commit confession on social media how their love grow. it spreads all over the net. how love is just a feelings over social media. it's nurture over social media. it grow and taken care over social media.

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